Mini-Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare//Clockwork PrinceThis was such a great start to the month – I actually finished it in the small hours of the morning on the 1st November. I loved it so much… but I really hate this love triangle! It’s been making me feel all kinds of uncomfortable things. Will/Tessa still feels kind of inevitable to me (& I really love them as a pair), but the further I got into this book, the greater the sinking feeling in my stomach that there was absolutely no way that this ends without Jem getting his heart broken (& Jem is still my favourite). 😥 I suppose I shall have to wait and see…

Anyway! Non-triangular things I want answered in the next book: What is Tessa? How is she connected to Starkweather? What’s going to happen to Jessie (all the Jessie business just made me sad; I wanted so badly for her to turn out to be awesome)? What’s the deal with the clockwork angel? And a whole load of other questions that I can’t think of right now! Mainly, though, I’m just really glad that I didn’t read this series when it was published, because waiting a whole year for the last book would be some kind of horrific torture. 😡5 stars

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