My Ratings

For reference, this is what the different star ratings mean to me:

1 star1/5 stars: I pretty much hated this book.


2 stars2/5 stars: It was okay, I guess, but I can’t say I liked it.


3 stars3/5 stars: I liked it, but I had some issues.


4 stars4/5 stars: I liked it a lot, and only had very minor issues with it.


5 stars5/5 stars: I loved it! No problems whatsoever, or else any issues I had were overwhelmed by sheer awesomeness!


5+ stars5/5 stars + sun: An all-time favourite.
[EDIT (1/2/21): As of 2021, I am no longer using this rating. I’ve done my best to remove it from previous reviews & wrap-ups, but if you see it anywhere, please consider it equal to any other 5-star rating. My (ever-changing) all-time favourites can be found on this Goodreads shelf.]

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