Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon: Update 1 & Mini-Review

Rick Riordan//Blood of Olympus

JUST FINISHED: The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. [Finished at approximately 8:30pm & ringing in at a grand total of 500 pages!]

Epic! Amazing! Wonderful! I wish it wasn’t over, but it was a great ride. Absolutely action-packed the whole way through, with a tonne of emotional moments (though not quite as many as in The House of Hades).

My favourite parts: Hades’ parenting skills; Nico & Reyna’s epic bromance; Nico’s POV!!! (I’ve been waiting for it for so, so long, & I knew it’d be awesome); Chaperone!Buford & his talking hologram; Piper & Jason getting serious character development; so, so many others; & that ending!

Not-so-great parts: Rick Riordan’s overwhelming need to pair off everyone (except Reyna, apparently). That’s actually all. This book was basically the perfect ending to the series.5 stars

CURRENT READATHON STATUS: Taking a snack supper break.

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