2019 Reading Challenges

As I mentioned in my last 2018 in review post, I found myself quite bored with my usual style of reading challenges by the end of last year (setting myself a goal of a certain number of books to read in a selection of categories), so I thought that for 2019 I’d do something a little different. As always, I have my Goodreads challenge ready to go (& set at 60 books for this year, which I think will be manageable), but recently I’ve seen a few of the Booktube people I follow trying to predict which of their unread books they’ll be giving five stars to, & I thought that sounded like an interesting (though also a little nerve-wracking; I don’t like to make myself expect to love a book before I’ve even started it) exercise, so I’ve picked out a few books on my TBR shelf that I have a really good feeling about, & am committing myself to reading them at some point this year…

I’ve made a little section for these in my bullet journal, where I’ll be keeping track of when I read each of these, and how I actually decided to rate them, but hopefully I won’t be too far off for any of them! 🤞


The other challenge that I’ve set myself is a 5×5 book bingo square, which I thought would be fun, though perhaps 25 books will prove too much for me. 😅 Over Christmas, I asked my cousins to help me come up with some prompts, and I think they’re a good balance of difficult and less difficult ones. I’ve decided that none of the books I read will be allowed to count for more than one bingo square, but that’s my only real constraint with this challenge.


Good luck, me – and good luck with your own challenges as well, if you’ve decided to set yourself any! I hope that 2019 proves to be an excellent reading year for us all. 🍀

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