#BookTubeAThon2018: Update 2 & Review

JUST FINISHED: Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas.

A slave in the fortress of the fearsome Godmother, Pin remembers nothing of her life Before, but she knows there must be something beyond the enchanted walls that surround her – and it’s likely to be better than what’s within. Along with Shoe the shoemaker, she makes a break for freedom, but the world outside the fortress is a prison of another kind entirely.

My expectations for this book weren’t super-high (in fact, I almost got rid of it unread just last week, but hesitated for unknown reasons), but I was happily surprised by what I read. Pin was a really entertaining protagonist; I enjoyed her very blasé form of defiance a lot (particularly in part two), and I thought that Prineas’ concept of the Godmother – and the Story that she is an agent of – being the book’s real villain was incredibly clever, as was the way that several different fairytales were all woven together. Primarily, Ash & Bramble is of course a Cinderella retelling, but other tales that I noticed being referred to included The Twelve Dancing PrincessesRapunzel, and (perhaps most prominently) The Elves & the Shoemaker.

Apart from Pin, however, most of the cast was quite bland (though still likeable), and the Godmother’s motives seemed rather unconvincing. The romance was sweet, but not very well developed (as Pin didn’t spend very much time with either of her potential suitors), and the end of the book felt somewhat rushed… I’m aware that this book has a sequel, but it doesn’t cry out for one; it stands alone quite well.

CURRENT BOOKTUBEATHON STATUS: Starting on White Fang, with hat at the ready.

Books Completed: 2
Pages Read: 765
(+ Hours Listened: 2:27)
Challenges Completed: 4/7

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