2018 Reading Resolutions

I’ve decided to cut back on my resolutions quite a bit this year, both because I’m not reading at the pace I have been in past years (my Goodreads goal is also a little lower than in 2017), and to allow myself more freedom to just read what I feel like reading; the end of last year was something of a frenzy of books that would fulfil challenge requirements, and consequently I ended up having to put off several books that I was really eager to read (like The Book of Dust, which has been taunting me from my bookshelf since I bought it the day after it was released!)… I definitely don’t want to do that again. 😓

This year’s challenges will be:

  • Take part in the Library Scavenger Hunt every month – This hasn’t changed at all from last year, though I have decided that I’m not going to be too upset if I miss a month or two…
  • Read a book set on every continent – This is an adaptation of my “books that showcase different cultures” challenge, which has been serving its purpose, but I do find that I end up just reading a lot of books set in one or two cultures, so it doesn’t actually diversify my reading all that much (for instance, I read quite a lot of books that are set in Japan). The seven continents are Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania & Antarctica, and I already have a few ideas for what I could read for a couple of these. 👍
  • Read five books that were given to me – This is almost the same as in previous years, but I’ve dropped the “or lent” part of the challenge in addition to the “or recommended” part that I left out last year. I was given quite a few books this Christmas, so even if nobody else gives me a single book this year, I have enough exciting books to fuel me through this challenge. 🎄
  • Finish or catch up on five series – The only change I’ve made to this challenge is that the series don’t have to be ones that I started before the beginning of the year; while this was a helpful challenge, I found that it discouraged me from finishing newly discovered series more than it encouraged me to finish off older ones.
  • Read three classics or modern classics – No change from last year; three seems to be the perfect number for this challenge.
  • Read two non-fiction books – I’ve increased the number for this challenge by one, as last year I fulfilled it much more easily than I was anticipating, and then went on to read a couple more non-fiction books, as well!
  • Read two DNF books – In contrast, I’ve decreased the amount here, simply because I don’t have all that many DNF books left on my shelves (except for anthologies, which I don’t tend to count).

If you’ve been following my resolutions for the last couple of years, you may notice that most of these are quite familiar, but I’m happy with the changes that I’ve made, & I think they strike a nice balance between challenge, flexibility and achievability.

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