2017 Reading Resolutions

This year’s resolutions aren’t too different from last year’s; I’ve added a new one, and removed an old one, but mostly just changed around the numbers of books I want to read, to reflect what I think is achievable (based on my performance in 2016), but still a challenge. So, without further ado, I plan to:

  • Take part in the Library Scavenger Hunt every month – I’ve been really enjoying taking part so far, and I also appreciated having that push to complete new challenges that last year’s resolution provided, so this one is staying the same.
  • Read 1 non-fiction book – Since I didn’t manage to read any non-fiction last year, I’ll be happy if this year I even manage to get through one. ^^’ In particular, there’s still that book about tea that I’m really hoping to get to…
  • Read 10 adult/literary novels – I overshot a little with this challenge last year, so I’ve reduced my target to 10.
  • Read 3 classics or modern classics – For this challenge, I overshot by a lot. 😳
  • Read 5 books that showcase cultures different to my own – This challenge I’ve reduced because it’s simply not as much of a priority for me as it has been in previous years. I’d still like to broaden my reading horizons, as it were, but I also feel that they’ve already been broadened quite a bit…
  • Read 5 comic (or manga) series or graphic novels – A new challenge (sort of)! I have so many unread comic books sitting on my shelves, and I keep meaning to read them, but, as I’m sure we all know, the best laid plans oft go awry… 😉 The sheer number of “ors” in this challenge is so that I can’t try to cheat my way into filling up all five slots with volumes of the same series.
  • Read 10 short stories (not including spin-off novellas) – Pretty self-explanatory, I think; this challenge will, once again, not be changing in the slightest.
  • Read 5 books that were given or lent to me – I’ve dropped the “or recommended” part from this challenge simply because I already have quite a significant stack of books that people have given me, so I’m definitely not going to run out. 😀
  • Finish reading 3 DNF books – There are only 3 novels left on my DNF list (which is pretty incredible), so there’s little point in increasing this goal. I’ve got a couple of comics on there, too, but they’re not quite such high priorities for me.
  • Finish or catch up on 5 series that I started before the beginning of the year – Another classic resolution for the Jar of Books. As always, I’ve been starting way more series than I’ve been finishing, and hopefully this’ll give me a bit more motivation to change that.

And since ten is a nice, round number to leave off on, that’s it! 😛 My only other blog-related resolution is much more of a loose thing – I’d like to break away from my “one full review a month” format, since it’s not working very well anyway, and write more mini-reviews instead – but I’ll see how that goes in the next few weeks. Good luck with your own resolutions, & I’ll see you tomorrow (with another list 😈 ) in a few days!

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