Library Scavenger Hunt: August

August was the Library Scavenger Hunt’s one year anniversary! It’s a little weird to think that we’ve been going so long, but it’s definitely been a fun ride! 😀 Accordingly, this month’s challenge was to find a book with a year – or the word “year” – in the title… and although my intros are usually full of long lists of all the books I could have read but decided not to, I actually had a really hard time finding anything to read this month. :/ So let’s get straight onto the review:

Karen McCombie

Karen McCombie//The Year of Big DreamsFlo Brown’s mother has always loved singing, and she’s always been incredibly good at it, too, and with encouragement from Flo, and from the customers at the hairdresser’s where they both work, she’s going to be entering the Big Dreams competition – an X-Factor-style reality TV show, where the winner gets a shot at becoming a star.

There’s not actually much that I can say about this book, as nothing about it really grabbed me. I liked Flo well enough, but didn’t care much for most of her friends – Zee was mostly a non-entity, and Freddie could be quite annoying -, and found most of the story’s twists and turns either predictable or underwhelming. This is also another of those “teenage-daughter-is-the-real-adult-here” stories that seem to be so common in children’s books, and it’s a trope that I’m pretty bored of at this point.

That said, there’s also nothing technically wrong with the book; I expect it will appeal to the same crowd as Homeroom Diaries by James Patterson, or the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot (though both of these seem written for a slightly older audience)… My final verdict: A decent book, for which I am decidedly not the right reader.

2 stars[Find out more about the Library Scavenger Hunt by following this link!]

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