Bookish media

One of the (great many) things that’s consuming my life at the moment is cross stitch, which one of my friends got me into about a month ago. It’s not a hobby I was expecting to enjoy so much – when I told my sister, she informed me that I had bypassed middle age entirely and become an old person – but it’s oddly soothing (in much the same way that colouring books are, and I enjoy those immensely).

Anyway, because I have the compulsive need to make all my hobbies at least partially about reading, I’m currently making a Song of Ice & Fire bookmark – House Baratheon (as you can see), which I’m attached to partly because I love Gendry so much, but also because they have Hufflepuff colours. 😛

But! There is a point to this post beyond me wanting to show off my almost-finished bookmark: Bookish things that are not actually books! 😀 In this post, I’m going to be sharing some interesting book-related things that I’ve found around the internet – I hope you enjoy them, too! ❤

1) The Katniss Chronicles [link]The Katniss ChroniclesThis is a fan-made audio drama of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy, and it’s incredibly well-done, with excellent voice acting and narration, and a script that stays true to the books while also adding in new perspectives on the events of the novels, so that it’s a completely different experience from reading the novels (or even listening to an audiobook). It’s easy to tell that a huge amount of care and effort went into every part of this podcast, and it’s something that every Hunger Games fan should definitely check out – especially since it’s now complete, so you can binge-listen to the whole thing!

2) Harry Potter & the Sacred Text [link]

Harry Potter & the Sacred TextAnother podcast, though this one is much newer (the first episode was only published in May!). It’s something in-between a readalong and an in-depth study of the Harry Potter books, chapter by chapter, with a great emphasis on looking at the events and characters in ways that you probably wouldn’t naturally see them. And there’s a twist – it treats the books as if they were sacred. Because pretty much every die-hard Harry Potter fan has thought of these books as something life-altering and profound at some point, right? I certainly have! 😉 And if that’s not enough to spark your interest, then take a look at this beautifully-animated trailer:

3) Book Nerd Problems [link]

imagesThis next recommendation is probably a bit more familiar to people, as it comes from Epic Reads – the YA publicity branch of HarperCollins… but Book Nerd Problems is a series of hilarious and super-relatable skits about the trials and tribulations of loving books above all else. My favourite? Probably “Unhelpful Recommendations“. ❤

4) A Feast of Fiction [link]

Feast of FictionLast, but by no means least, is A Feast of Fiction, which is a youtube cooking channel – but everything they make on it is adapted from a book, or game, or TV series. Cocoa beetles from Coraline; curry bread from Black Butler (which I really, really want to try sometime soon); lembas bread from The Lord of the Rings; pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter… There’s something there for every kind of fan, so long as you love food (and who doesn’t love food?)!

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