A Different Kind of Top 5!

FE Fates<- Look what came in the post this morning (or, by the time this goes up, yesterday)! XD Isn’t it a thing of beauty? I’ve been impatiently waiting for the release of Fire Emblem: Fates since I heard that it was going to be a thing, and the fateful day has finally arrived! (Pun absolutely intended.)

That said, I haven’t started it yet. I wanted to get at least one blog post written before I inevitably lose myself in all the strategising, family drama and matchmaking that awaits me in Fire Emblem-verse. 😛 But what to write about? The only thing in my brain at the moment is Fire Emblem, and since I can’t say anything substantial about Fates at the moment, instead I’m going to talk about Fire Emblem: Awakening, the game that got me hooked on this series. More specifically, I’m going to talk about my favourite pairings. Because the marriage mechanic was one of my favourite things about the game (as much as some of the older fans complain about it), and I’m really, really excited to start making new matches in Fates…! 😀

5) Maribelle & Kellam

I paired up these two on my first playthrough of Awakening, and their support conversations were cute (as supports involving Kellam tend to be), but what really sold me on them was their epilogue: Some random information on Maribelle’s future, and the words “Her husband’s name has been lost to history.” It was so surprising – and yet so fitting for Kellam, especially contrasted with Maribelle’s celebrated career – that I couldn’t help but laugh.

Henry x Sumia4) Henry & Sumia

The game pushes pretty hard to get Sumia together with Chrom (one of the two main characters), so often her other potential matches (few as they are) get overlooked, and her romance with Henry is one of the less popular ones: The only comment I’ve ever seen about them online is that Cynthia (Sumia’s daughter) looks pretty with (Henry’s) white hair. Which is true, but not why I fell in love with their relationship – that would be because of the body-swapping episode. 😛

Morgan x Yarne3) Morgan & Yarne

In my first playthrough with the female version of Morgan, I was sure that I was going to love her relationship with Owain, since his friendship with male Morgan is so ridiculously epic… It ended up falling a fair bit short of my expectations, but luckily that meant that I got to discover the wonder that is Morgan and Yarne! They have an interesting dynamic, which mainly involves Morgan teasing, and Yarne trying to escape from her, and I really enjoyed the hilarity of it.

Lissa x Lon'qu2) Lissa & Lon’qu

This is probably one of the more common pairings on this list, as Lissa’s crush on Lon’qu is featured in the main storyline, even if you don’t unlock their support conversations. Lon’qu’s interations with all the girls in the game are quite funny, since he’s gynophobic, but I love the way Lissa’s sunny personality gradually wears him down… Also, Lon’qu makes so much sense as Owain’s father, given what happens in his and Lissa’s A-rank support!

Cordelia x Gregor1) Gregor & Cordelia

And at number 1, there’s Cordelia – a pegasus knight who’s head over heels for the unromancable (at least for her) Chrom – and Gregor – the cheerful mercenary who decides to help her win the affection of her love! Of all the pairings on this list, these two have the least comical relationship (you might’ve started to notice a theme with the others…), and I really love the sincerity of their affection for each other, and how naturally it seems to develop. In a lot of Cordelia’s romantic supports, I got the feeling that in the end, she just settled for Anonymous-Guy-Who-Isn’t-Chrom, whereas Gregor was able to help her actually move on. ❤

 Inigo x Gerome+1) Inigo & Gerome

An added bonus, since these two can’t actually romance each other in-game – but they’re still my absolute favourite! Inigo is an incorrigible flirt, and their support conversations involve him trying to persuade Gerome to help him pick up girls, under the guise of improving their teamwork, which, naturally, works out terribly for everyone involved. What really sold me on them as a romantic couple, however, is their conversation in the Harvest Scramble DLC, where the writers exchanged undertones for bludgeoning-over-the-head, and I just about died from the cuteness. XD Also, you should really watch these wonderful dramatisations of their support conversations (C, B, A)…


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