March Haul

Self-control continues! It seems I’m on a roll. 😀 All but one of these I bought second-hand, too, which is something that my wallet is surely relieved about. 😉 But now, on to the books:

March 2016 haul

1) Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell. A short story published for World Book Day this year, about a girl who really, really loves Star Wars, and decides to queue for several days outside her local cinema in preparation for the new film. I’ve already read this one, and it was adorable. ❤

2) The Moon in the CloudThe Shadow on the SunThe Bright & Morning Star by Rosemary Harris. The whole of the Ancient Egypt trilogy, which I really know nothing about… I stumbled across the third book at work, and thought it looked interesting, and then spotted the first as well. The second book I bought on Amazon Marketplace, so I wasn’t able to find a copy that was in quite as good condition as the other two, but the words are still there, so all is well. (And, to be fair, it’s still in pretty good condition; the other two books just look almost new.) Hopefully I’ll be able to read these soon, especially since they’re all quite short.

3) Re: Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta by Doris Lessing. Buying this was another spontaneous decision, made mostly because a) it was cheap, b) it’s by Doris Lessing, and c) Doris Lessing writes sci-fi?! Who knew?! Reviews that I’ve seen for this book have been pretty mixed, but the concept (of case files about an Earth that has been colonised by aliens) is fascinating, so I hope that I’ll be on the “loved it” side of things.

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