The Liebster Award, Version 2.0

liebster awardAnother award post, with some more fun questions attached! 😀 I’ve already done the Liebster Award once before, so I won’t be nominating anyone else this time around. This time, I was nominated by Grace from quirkyandpeculiar and Magda from Magic of books – thank you, both! 🙂

Grace’s Questions:

1) If you could become an author would you?

Absolutely! 😀 I have loads of different ideas for stories, and I’d really love to write them… I just have trouble finding the motivation. 😳

2) Are you a fan of sports? Watching? Playing?

Playing, occasionally, if it’s a social thing rather than as part of a serious club, or something. Watching, not so much. I’ve never really seen the point of it. That said, I do watch a lot of sports anime – it’s one of my favourite genres. ^^’

3) If you could live anywhere in the world but never leave your house (there), where would you live?

It feels like a bit of a cheap answer, but I’d stay in Cambridge. I really love my house, and most of my friends live nearby, so it’d be easy enough to see them, even if I’m not allowed to leave the house…

4) What is your favorite kind of shoes?

Converses, maybe? I’m not really a shoe enthusiast, but I like anything that’s comfy.

5) If you could use time travel to go to one place in time where would it be? Why?

I’d like to visit ancient Rome! Ideally during the end of Augustus’ reign, which was my favourite time period to study… I’d be able to witness all the politics and drama and backstabbing first-hand (and try not to get involved in it), and maybe improve my Latin a bit! 😉

6) What is your dream car/vehicle?

Hmm… I’m also not really a car person, so… something that’s easy to drive and to park (so something small, then). Minis are cool, I guess?

Actually, I take it back! If I could, I’d definitely go everywhere in a hot air balloon! 😀

7) What would you change about the internet if you could?

Make it un-hackable!

8) What is something that you wish existed but doesn’t?

A system to register the books that you own physical copies of, so that you can download free ebook versions.

9) If you could become anything in the world what would it be?

If not for the super-short (or else super-long) lifespans, it’d be cool to be some kind of bird. Maybe a sparrow or a robin; two of my favourites. 🙂

10) What’s your all time favorite book character? Why?

This is a difficult question! There are so many characters that I love! 😥 But if I have to pick just one, then I’ll say Luna Lovegood. Like many people, I found her to be such a refreshing character when she was first introduced in the Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, and I really admired the fact that she was both incredibly weird, and incredibly okay with her own weirdness; she was just so completely at peace with herself. 😀

Magda’s Questions:

1) Do you have plans for your next vacations already?

At the end of July I’ll be heading off to Skye again with my family; it’s something we’ve done almost every year since before I was born.

2) Show us your bookshelf! Just snap a picture. 🙂

My main bookcases, though I have three other, much smaller ones as well. (Crappy image quality is crappy. :/ I apologise. You can click on the photo to zoom in.)

My main bookcases, though I have three other, much smaller ones as well. (Crappy image quality is crappy. :/ I apologise. You can click on the photo to zoom in.)

3) What TV show caught your attention lately and why?

At the moment I’m watching the second series of Haikyuu!! – an amazing volleyball anime – with my cousin, which is super-fun. I’ve also been humming and hawing over whether or not to start watching The Shannara Chronicles, since I love fantasy so much, and in the last couple of days I’ve begun to think it might be time to catch up on Teen Wolf and finally finish watching Star Trek: The Original Series. 🙂 (Those last two were totally inspired by youtube videos.)

4) Is there a certain day of the week you like most?

I have a strange fondness for Thursdays, though there’s no particular reason why.

5) If you could transform one of the rooms in your house into a library, how would it look like? Or maybe you’ve already done it?

For maximum storage space, it’d be really cool to have moving stacks, but in terms of aesthetics, I’d love to have a massive, old-fashioned, wood-panelled library with sliding ladders all over the place to reach the high shelves. And maybe an indoor balcony with even more bookcases! ❤

6) Next month is passing by, how are your New Year’s challenges? Finished any of them yet?

Not even close! Though I’ve been making pretty good progress on my sci-fi and short story challenges.

7) What is your latest obsession?

Fire Emblem! 😀 The European release date for Fire Emblem Fates has finally been announced, and I’m waiting for the pre-orders of the special edition (which will have all three campaigns on one cartridge) to be available. Hopefully I’ll manage to get hold of a copy before they’re sold out; I know there are a lot of people waiting to grab it! ^^’

8) So, you’ve won a million dollars, what now?

I buy my own house, and lots of books, and leave myself enough money to live comfortably on for the rest of my life! And maybe buy some nice things for my friends and family. It depends how nice I’m feeling. 😉

9) Are you a writer? Do you have a story you’d like to share with us?

See my answer to Grace’s first question! There are lots of stories I’d love to share, but I have trouble finding the right words. 🙂

10) Do you have time to sneak a peak at your blog when you’re at work?

My work at the moment doesn’t include much computer use, so not really… I’d have plenty of time to check it on my phone, but there’s also no wi-fi at work, and I don’t have mobile data… 😳

11) Name your favorite book, movie and game of 2015.

Book: Either Carry On by Rainbow Rowell or Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff.

Movie: … I don’t really remember what I watched last year, except for the things I saw at the cinema (most of which are in my diary), so… The Scorch Trials or Mockingjay, I guess. ❓ I’d say The Tale of Princess Kaguya, except that I’m pretty sure I actually saw that in the tail end of 2014…

Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition, which was released in 2014, but which I first played last year. XD (I’m still obsessed with this series, by the way.)


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