25 Bookish Facts about Me

These kind of posts are fun, but pretty difficult, since it’s hard to find bookish things to say about myself that a) are interesting, and b) I haven’t already said a hundred times… But I will certainly give it my best shot! (Please forgive any inevitable repetitions. 😉 ) I was tagged for this by Grace from quirkyandpeculiar, whose blog you should all check out! 😀


1) I learnt to read quite early, but for a long time I really hated it.

2) The first book that I read for pleasure was Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone

3) … which I only ended up picking it up because my best friend kept badgering me about it…

4) … and even then, I was really not into it after reading the first few chapters, and had to get her to show me where the “interesting bit” started. (By which I mean magic school!)

5) … so the first time I read Harry Potter, I completely skipped several of the early chapters. 😳

6) … which are now actually some of my favourite parts of the book!

7) I may have actively avoided reading whenever possible when I was little, but I’ve always really loved stories…

8) … which, until the age of 10, I ingested in being-read-to format. i.e. I demanded that my parents read me books, so that I didn’t have to read them myself.

9) In particular, I really liked The Hobbit (with Dad), and The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark (with Mum)…

10) … and in the case of the former, I enjoyed it so much, that after Dad finished reading it, I demanded that he start again from the beginning.

11) Instead, he bought me tapes of the BBC audio-drama, which was excellent, but not quite the same. 😦

12) When I was in school & university, I liked to use my books as a motivational tool when I had deadlines coming up; for every 500 words I wrote, I was allowed to read one more chapter…

13) … but this frequently backfired on me, as I’m apparently incapable of understanding the meaning of “just one”.

14) Speaking of motivation, when I was having trouble with the set texts at school, my parents would often buy them for me as audiobooks, so I could listen to them on the Oxfam Walk (which was something we did every year).

15) This was supposed to motivate me to do the Walk, rather than to read the books, but some of those books I probably never would’ve finished otherwise. ^^’

16) I never ended up finishing Ovid’s Metamorphoses III, which I was supposed to read/translate for my Latin class. I read most of it, just not all.

17) Unfortunately, the passage they picked for the exam was on of the (very few) ones that I’d neglected. 😦

18) I have a really comfy armchair in my room that I call my reading chair…

19) … but I almost never read in it, since it’s usually completely covered in clothes.

20) Instead, the place that I read most often is in bed (at any time of day).

21) On average, I probably read for about 4 hours every day…

22) … but a significant amount of that time is spent reading fanfiction. ^^’

23) For years, I was really into Harry Potter fanfiction…

24) … and I still consider that to be my “home fandom”, as it were…

25) … but actually, the first fanfiction I ever read was for Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small quartet.

And that’s all! I hope you enjoyed it! I’m not going to be tagging anyone today, but if you’d like to do this, then let me know & I’ll tag you. 🙂


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