Thematic Recs: Arthurian Mythology

My current read, The Table of Less Valued Knights, is on one of my favourite topics: King Arthur! (Or the stories of him, at least.) And it’s very enjoyable, but I keep getting distracted by Mass Effect life, so I haven’t been making the progress I was hoping for… (& the readathon I picked it up for is already over 😳 ). So, I thought I’d spur myself on a little bit! And what better way than to share some of my absolute favourite Arturian stories? 😀 In no particular order, I present…

Susan Cooper//The Grey King1) The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper. A boy called Will finds out on his eleventh birthday that he’s an Old One, charged with defending the world against the Dark. King Arthur doesn’t really come into the series until book three, The Grey King (which is my favourite), but it’s definitely worth waiting for! This is the series that sparked my love for Arthurian mythology~ ❤

T.H. White//The Once & Future King2) The Once & Future King series by T.H. White. The ultimate (in my opinion) tale of King Arthur’s life, from his childhood to his death. Beautifully written, though the style is – naturally – somewhat old-fashioned, and with one of the most interesting portrayals of Merlin that I’ve ever come across.

Kevin Crossley-Holland//The Seeing Stone3) The Arthur trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland. A surprising and fresh take on the Arthurian myths… A young boy called Arthur is one day given a seeing stone, which shows him visions of another Arthur, who is destined to be king. I read these books quite a few years ago, but they’ve really stuck with me. 🙂

Marie Phillips//The Table of Less Valued Knights4) The Table of Less Valued Knights by Marie Phillips. And last but not least, the book that inspired this list! 😀 The Table of Less Valued Knights is made up of those knights who’ve been kicked off the Round Table, for old age, infirmity, or cowardice. As I mentioned, I’m not that far into it yet, but what I’ve read so far has been fun, and very witty.

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