2016 Reading Resolutions!

Another year, another set of reading resolutions! 😀 Most of my resolutions this year are just slight variations on the same ones that I did last year – I think I set my bar at a good level, so I’m not changing too much – but there are a couple of new challenges, too. And, in order to keep my total at 10 (because I like round numbers 😛 ), I’ve also dropped a couple of the challenges that aren’t really priorities to me anymore.

Anyway, my resolutions are to:

1) Take part in the Library Scavenger Hunt every month – I’ve managed to keep up with the challenges so far, and I really hope that I can keep it up this year.

2) Read 5 sci-fi novels – I recently discovered that sci-fi was a genre that I do sometimes enjoy, so I’m hoping I’ll discover a few more good ones.

3) Read 3 DNF (Did Not Finish) books – I’ve reduced the number of books for this challenge, since I actually don’t have all that many DNF books on my shelf any more. 😀

4) Read 15 literary novels – Basically, I want to read more adult literary fiction, which is what I actually meant by “adult novels” in last year’s challenge, before realising that that wording could also include things like bodice rippers… 😳

5) Read 5 classics or modern classics – For this challenge, I’ve increased the number of books a little, as I actually went way past my goal last year.

6) Read 7 books that showcase cultures different from my own – There are several books that I already have waiting for me for this category (mostly, to be honest, set in China), so I’ve increased my goal here as well. I anticipate that this will be the most difficult of my challenges to complete.

7) Read 3 non-fiction books – I’ve been in an odd, Dragon Age-induced mood for civil rights books at the moment, so I hope that I won’t have too much trouble with this challenge… and I’m also really hoping to read The True History of Tea by Victor H. Mair & Erling Hoh, which I’ve had sitting on my shelf for a while.

8) Finish or catch up on 5 series that I started before the beginning of the year – I’ve carried this challenge over from last year, unmodified, because (as always) the number of unfinished series on my shelf is piling up… ^^’

9) Read 5 books that were given or recommended to me – Again, carried over in order to motivate me to read books that I’ve been given.

10) Read 10 short stories (not including spin-off novellas) – I have quite a few short story anthologies, but since I find it difficult to get into them, I’m hoping that this challenge will prompt me to read a few more of them. 🙂

So, that’s it for my resolutions (at least on the reading front). As far as other challenges go, I’ve set my 2016 Goodreads challenge at 60 books to begin with (so that I don’t freak myself out with how many books I need to read, right at the beginning of the year), but I expect that I’ll be raising my limit around mid-year. And lastly, I’ve been considering taking part in the Six Squared Challenge, since a few of the categories overlap with my reading resolutions anyway… I’ve seen it mentioned on a couple of the blogs I follow, and it looks pretty fun. 🙂

4 thoughts on “2016 Reading Resolutions!

  1. Great goals! The Six Squared Challenge is going to be pretty flexible, so you can participate and adjust it to your needs! A couple people are doing “new to me” authors instead of debuts, etc. and I don’t have any problem with that 🙂

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  2. Panda says:

    That looks like a good list. I’m going to try and read more classic this year too. Also the Six Squared challenge looks really cool. I just don’t do yearly challenges like that so I won’t be doing it but good luck! 🙂

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