Booktubeathon: Update 6 & Mini-Review

Antoine de Saint Exupéry//The Little PrinceJUST FINISHED: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The charming tale of a pilot who crash lands in the Sahara desert, and there meets and befriends a little boy from another planet, who tells him stories about his home planet and the people he’s met on his travels.

I’ve read this book several times before, and it seems that I like it a little more every time – there’s just something incredibly sad about it (the ending and the part with the fox always make me tear up a little), but at the same time, the little prince’s stories are so whimsical and lovely (and often quite philosophical, too!). 🙂

The main theme of the book is childhood, and the absurdity of the way grown-ups look at the world, and this comes across beautifully. A must-read for children and adults alike.4 stars


Books Completed: 6
Pages Read: 1298
Challenges Completed: 6

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