Booktubeathon: Update 5 & Mini-Review

Kate Beaton//Hark! A VagrantJUST FINISHED: Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton.

A compilation of mostly three- and four-panel comic strips about history and literature, collected from Beaton’s webcomic of the same name. With simple, but expressive art, and some really great jokes, this collection is hilarious, and it’s very easy to see why it’s so popular.

Some of my favourites include: Get Me Off This Freaking Moor (p. 7), in which the Brontë sisters go dude-watching together; Goreys (pp. 71-81), in which Beaton makes up stories based on the covers that Edward Gorey designed for them; Crusoe (pp. 121-3), a retelling of Robinson Crusoe, from Friday’s perspective; and Industrial Revolution Fun (pp. 163-4), which… makes fun of the Industrial Revolution, basically.

This lost a star for me only because some of the historical comics (particularly the ones on Canadian history) went rather over my head. I think it’d probably be best enjoyed by someone a little more historically-savvy than I am – though, to be fair, that could describe pretty much anyone. 😉4 stars

CURRENT READATHON STATUS: Still ill and disgusting, and trying very hard not to sneeze all over my books… 😐

Books Completed: 5
Pages Read: 1207
Challenges Completed: 5

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