Booktubeathon: Update 1 & Mini-Review

Yumi Unita//Bunny Drop vol. 1JUST FINISHED: Bunny Drop Volume 1 by Yumi Unita.

I knew exactly what I was expecting going into this book, since I’ve already seen (and loved) the anime of it, and anime & manga adaptations tend to be pretty faithful. And it definitely lived up to my expectations! Bunny Drop is an adorable series about a thirty-year-old man (Daikichi) who finds out that his grandfather has an illegitimate love child – an incredibly cute little girl called Rin – and, because of circumstances, ends up taking her in after his grandfather dies.

This first volume mainly covers Daikichi’s initial trouble adjusting to being responsible for Rin (and particularly his difficulty balancing work and parenthood, and finding a daycare that’s good for both of them), and Rin coming to terms with her father’s death. As with most slice-of-life series, it’s not really about anything except their everyday lives, so it’s difficult to explain the appeal of it, but for me at least, it’s definitely the characters – and both Rin and Daikichi are a delight to read about. And, of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the art is lovely!5 stars

CURRENT READATHON STATUS: Off to bed now, since I have work tomorrow morning~ 🙂

Books Completed: 1
Pages Read: 196
Challenges Completed: 3

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