Cambridge Literary Festival! (14th-19th April)

I found out about this festival quite by accident, while reading a magazine over my Dad’s shoulder, a few days after getting back from the Oxford Literary Festival. But I’m definitely excited! The festival runs from Tuesday 14th April to Sunday 19th April, and you can find out about the different events that will be going on at

Here are some of the events I’m hoping to attend (though I’m certain I won’t be able to go to all of them):

1) A talk by Judith Kerr, who wrote The Tiger Who Came to Tea and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, amongst other things (18th April, 11.30-12.30).

2) A talk by Anthony Horowitz, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Alex Rider series (18th April, 2.30-3.30).

3) A joint talk by James Dawson and Sally Green about YA literature. I haven’t read anything by James Dawson, but I am very excited by the chance to meet Sally Green, who wrote Half Bad and Half Wild (18th April, 4.00-5.00).

4) A talk by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, who’s written a new biography of Lewis Carroll called The Story of Alice, which I bought when I was in Oxford (19th April, 10.00-11.00).

5) The Book Aid International Quiz, which is exactly what it seems to be, and which I will undoubtedly not be attending unless I can find some people who are willing to go with me… (19th April, 8.30-9.30).


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