Discussion: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (Spoilers!)

A.K.A. “Team Chaolaena Forever & Other Stories”

[Cut for spoilers for all three main series books, but not the novellas, which I haven’t read yet.]

So, first of all, my thoughts on this book are pretty incoherent, so bear with me. But other that that, here are some thoughts…

Maeve: I hated Maeve so much. Throughout the whole book, I was just hating her more and more and more, & then her confrontation with Celaena at the end was ridiculously satisfying!

Aedion: Aedion was great, & kept me guessing for a long time. I was on the verge of wanting him & Chaol to be bros (especially after the “drinking buddies” ruse, which I imagine Chaol being particularly annoyed over), but then he had that conversation with Ren about getting rid of Chaol once he’s outlived his usefulness, & I was back to not trusting him again… & then at the end he protected Chaol! I still don’t know exactly what to think, but I hope he gets rescued in the next book.

Dorian/Sorscha: As I have found in general, Dorian’s part of the story was the least interesting. I mean, I like him, and finding out he had magic in Crown of Midnight made him a little bit more interesting, but then it was kind of just wasted. Sorscha was never interesting in the slightest, until I found out she was a spy for the rebels (which I was not expecting). But I was hoping for a happy ending for them, until she got her head chopped off… :/

Dorian supressing his magic: This is never a good idea in any book, ever! 😡 Take a hint from the fact that it causes you pain, Dorian!

Rowan: Rowan was so far beyond awesome that it’s not even funny. Also, is he more powerful than Celaena? When they became carranam, & she touched his power, it sounded like he was, but he keeps going on about how powerful Celaena is…

Rowan/Celaena romance?: It kept seeming like it was going to happen, even though they were saying that it wasn’t going to happen… I guess I wouldn’t mind it that  much, even though I like them better as friends (& I’m not just saying that because I’m solidly Team Chaolaena!). Celaena really needs some good friends, after everything that happened with Nehemia. 😦

Manon & the wyverns: More wyverns. 😀 I love them so much~ & Manon & Abraxos’ relationship was inexplicably cute. Manon herself was an amazing new character, & I really, really hope that she’s going to switch sides (with the Thirteen, of course!). Also, I loved how confused she was by Petrah being nice to her~ 😛

Chaol: Chaol was so torn in this book, & I spent much of it wishing (in vain) that he would just figure out what he wanted. He seemed to have finally found some kind of balance between his love for Celaena & his loyalty to & friendship with Dorian, but I hope he manages to hold on to it in the next few books…

Chaolaena?: They are so frustrating! Communication issues at their worst! They both spend ridiculous amounts of time thinking that the other one of them has stopped loving them, & that they don’t deserve each other, when actually everything would be so much less angsty if they’d just talked before Chaol had Celaena shipped off to Wendlyn… 😡 They’d better talk things over in the next book. & Celaena had better not give back his ring! It made me nervous for the future of this ship when she took it off & said that it was a “blessed relief”. 😦

On that note, Celaena: She got so much stronger in this book! Not just physically & magically, from all the training, but I feel like she’s grown hugely as a person, & getting the tattoos at the end were some kind of physical representation of that. She’s so much less angry now, & she’s definitely ready to take on her destiny. 😀

Celorian?: I don’t actually get where people are coming from with this. I mean, it’s pretty clear that they’ve both moved on now, & their friendship in Crown of Midnight was really cute…

Is this even a love triangle book?: Throne of Glass kind of felt like one, but after Celaena & Dorian broke up, her mind, at least, seemed to be made up that, though she liked Dorian and was attracted to him, she hadn’t ever loved him. Whereas she did love Chaol, & even after she & Chaol broke up, she’s still thinking of him as the one that she loves…

The Wyrdkeys: I didn’t expect the Amulet to be one of them, but I did suspect that Arobynn had taken it (the Amulet, not the key) when he rescued her. Also, are all three keys located now? After all, we don’t know for sure that the king has both of the others…

The king getting one of those creepy collars on Dorian: … Uh-oh. 😦

Anyway, that’s probably enough rambling from me, but please feel free to discuss further in the comments! & let me know if I’ve forgotten any important issues!

CURRENTLY SHIPPING: Celaena/Chaol & Manon/Petrah!


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