Thematic Recs: Webcomics

It’s been a while since my last Thematic Recs post, and since I’ve been reading a lot of comics and graphic novels lately, I thought I’d recommend a few of my favourite webcomics!

autobrig//Honeydew Syndrome1) Honeydew Syndrome by autobrig. A cute, geeky high school love story. There are three different story arcs, each following a different couple (Josh & Metis, Charles & Jay, and Erik & Samuel), and while I personally like Josh & Metis’ arc the best, they’re all really well done. It’s also complete, which is a bonus!

ky-nim//Myths of Unova2) Myths of Unova by ky-nim. A Nuzlocke comic (which means it’s a novelisation of a Pokémon playthrough, but where pokémon die instead of fainting, and you can only catch the first pokémon you find in each area). I’ll admit that I actually follow quite a few Nuzlocke comics (they’re just so emotional!), but this is by far the best one I’ve come across, and the art is phenomenal. It follows the story of Pokémon White Version.

Tom Siddell//Gunnerkrigg Court vol. 13) Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell. The story of a girl called Annie, who attends a bizarre magical boarding school (& that may sound Harry Potter-ish, but it’s actually really, really not). It’s pretty epic in scope, but is updated regularly, and the writing and art are both top-notch.

Hwei//Hero4) Hero by Hwei. Another incredibly beautiful webcomic, though this one is much more introspective, and tells the story of a boy with no name who has lived for as long as he can remember in a small house on the beach, and his dearest wish is to see a city. There’s a lot of world-building (it’s set in a fantasy world), and it can also be quite philosophical at times. The only real downside with this one is that updates can be pretty sporadic…

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