Bout of Books 11: Days 6-7 & Wrap-Up

DAY 6 (168 pages)

On Saturday, my first stop of the day was actually at the library, where I returned the copies of Lord Sunday and Hawkeye that I’d borrowed, &, since I was there anyway, I picked up a copy of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Onyx, the second book in the Lux series, and read the bonus scene at the end, from Daemon’s point-of-view (I have the kindle edition of this book, which unfortunately doesn’t include any extras 😦 ), which was 6 pages long.

When I got home, I continued on with Sabriel, and managed to finally finish the last 120 pages, which led me to change its star-rating on goodreads from four to five! I first read this book when I was maybe 15 or so, & I remember loving it, but it was so wonderful to remind myself why.

Finally, before bed, I picked up Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, and I managed to get through 42 pages before going to sleep, bringing my total for the day to 168 pages.

DAY 7 (331 pages)

Not much to say about today: I finished off Prince of Thorns, which I really enjoyed (and I’ve written a full review of it here. My first review! I’m so proud of myself… 🙂 ), and then… nothing. But anyway, my total for today was 331 pages, makes this my second-best day of the readathon!


Overall, this week I managed to read seven whole books, as well as the extra pages from Onyx, so I’m pretty proud of myself. And I managed to get everything on my TBR! My total page count for the week was a whopping 1769 pages, which is actually a lot more than I anticipated after the somewhat lackluster days four to six (not to mention day two :/ ), so I’m pretty happy with that. 🙂

Goodbye for now!


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